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Desiree is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant in our office. She lives in a small town about an hour away from Watsontown. The town she resided in is very similar to Watsontown with its quiet history and beauty. Desiree graduated from Midd-West High School in 2015. Her senior year was spent at SUN-Area Technical School for Dental Assisting. She graduated from both schools with honors and continued onto York Technical Institute for her EFDA certification. Desiree worked full time and still managed to drive to her on campus class to obtain her diploma. She graduated York Tech in 2017.

Desiree loves to travel and share her journeys with all her patients. She travels in the United States and out to places like the Bahamas and volunteers to help her sister church in Africa and their community. She loves to cruise also. If Desiree isn't talking about local trips here or far away trips, you can bet she is chatting about her Jeep Club and the rock climbing her and her brother do, or the rugged trails they take at AOAA and the beach trips they embark on with their Jeep Clubs. Desiree loves to travel and if she isn't traveling she may be hunting with her father, shopping with her sister-in-law, or curled up reading a good book. She loves spending time with her husband and her pets.

Desiree is a member of a living historian group. She enjoys teaching others about the past to help preserve history. She loves to talk about Gettysburg and even makes her own historical dresses for that time period along with WWll era clothing. She loves to ease everyone who is in the chair as she finds a common interest with them. With all this young lady has done and seen, it's not hard to find a common interest!

"I enjoy the dental field because you can see immediate relief of a painful situation. You know you're bringing someone joy with a new smile or simply making their appointment less painful by encouraging them and easing their fears. I have never seen myself doing any other trade. I am very happy with my career."