Tooth Decay Prevention

The Journal of Public Health recently published some sobering statistics. Out of every 100 students ages 5-17, 58 to 80 hours of school are missed due to dental pain and toothaches. The parents of these students miss an average of 2 ½ work days to take their child to get the needed emergency dental care.

The best way to prevent a dental pain or toothache emergency is routine care. Here are some simple tips to help parents and grandparents to keep children healthy:

  1. First and foremost, regular tooth brushing twice a day is a must. So often, we hear stories from children – “I don’t have time to brush my teeth when the bus is waiting for me, beeping its horn.” To that, Dr. Chomas’s response is – “If you make time to put your pants on before school, you can make time to brush your teeth!” Just do it!
  2. Americans have the sweetest diet on the planet. Watching and monitoring a child’s sugar intake can go a long way toward preventing dental problems down the pike. Sticky, gooey candies, granolas, and crackers can stick to teeth and promote decay. Celery and carrot sticks or chunks of cheese are much healthier alternatives for the lunch box or snacks.
  3. Routine visits to the dentist for cleaning, fluoride treatment, and dental sealants can prevent decay – and if decay is present, the earlier that the problem is detected, the better the outcome for the health of the patient and of the parent’s wallet as well.

These are just 3 of the simplest tips on prevention. Our team would be happy to discuss or answer any questions during your next office visit.