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Courtney is our newest dental assistant. She was a dental assistant for the United States Air Force for three years. She moved to Pennsylvania with her husband in February 2021 after they separated from their duty in the Air Force. Courtney was born and raised in Michigan.

She loves to spend time outside with her two kids, her two Australian Shepherds, and her husband. In the summer you won't find her inside often from being at the beach or enjoying the nature. She loves to travel and see all that this country has to offer. When she is inside, you can find her in her home office sewing which became her new passion a few years ago.

Being a dental assistant is something she thoroughly enjoys doing. Talking with patients brings a smile to her face and being able to see the smile from patients after their treatment has been completed. She is thankful to have become an assistant in the Air Force and hopes to continue to do this trade for years to come in the local community!