Children's Gateway Program

Childrens Gateway ProgramIn our practice we encounter increasing cases of children with early cavities and we are concerned with this trend. Early detection and follow-up are essential in preventing cavities and in fostering healthy oral development.

As a service to our patients and their families, we have implemented the Children's Gateway Program to provide introductory and periodic dental examinations for infants and toddlers. These examinations are performed during a parent or older sibling's scheduled appointment with a hygienist. The hygienist will check your child's teeth for normal development and for signs of early decay, give you an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns, and provide you with education information on the care of your child's teeth.

Our goal is to promote optimum dental health and to introduce your child to our office. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns about your child's oral health, nutrition and diet, fluoride supplements, finger sucking habits, or any other area of interest. We hope to examine each child every 6 months from the emergence of their first tooth until the child's third birthday.

There is no charge for these exams as long as they are scheduled in conjunction with another family member's appointment. For your child's well-being, we do ask that you bring another adult or responsible party to take care of the child during the time that the parent is being seen in the dental chair.

If you are interested in scheduling your child for an exam, please speak with one of our receptionists. They will be happy to assist you in coordinating the appointment. Children can begin in the Gateway Program as soon as their first tooth appears, and continue every six months until their third birthday. At that time most children are ready to begin regular dental cleanings.

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you the parent in promoting your child's health and setting the stage for a lifetime of dental health.